Cosmic Crossings: An Electronic, Space,Ambient, Experimental Music Concert Series

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The new Cosmic Crossings concerts are a series of electronic music events being held at locations throughout the Central New Jersey area. Each concert showcases live performances by electronic musicians and bands from all over the world, playing ambient, experimental, and space music, accompanied by unique lighting and multimedia visual effects.


We have T-Shirts, Hoodies and Coffee Mugs for sale to help support the series. Please visit our store to purchase.





Upcoming Concerts:

The 2018 Cosmic Crossings concerts will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing (aka UUCWC.) Tickets for each show are $10, with all proceeds to benefit the UUCWC, which has kindly provided the venue for the series.

March 3rd 2018 Biomechanical Shapeshifters and Ritchie DeCarlo

biobio.jpgBioMechanical ShapeShifters (or BioMeSS for short) is the project of Floyd Bledsoe from Trenton, New Jersey. The name has been used for electronic music experimentations since the early 1990s. The concept is that BioMeSS is not solo but a group consisting of various devices that create the soundwaves. The 2010s saw recordings start to appear on the internet and now there are over 35 albums available on the Bandcamp website with many containing several hours of music each. Floyd is also one third of The Melting Transistor and has recorded many albums with them as well as several live appearances. Cosmic Crossings marks the first time BioMechanical ShapeShifters will perform for an active audience.




rdicarlo2.jpgRitchie DeCarlo is a well known drummer in the Philadelphia area. He is currently playing withMichael Bernier, Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Kick It Out & various local acts, also teaching drums. Released the first solo album in 2013 titled WEEK. The album features many guest musicians: David Fiuczynski, Michael Manring, Pat Mastelotto, Michael Bernier, Percy Jones, Markus Reuter & MORE! The past decade his recording engineer hat has been on and working at TTR studios on many projects. In 2009 the modular synthesizer appeared in his studio & this changed his direction immediately. Today Ritchie is incorporating all of his 40 years experience into his solo live performances. Electronic percussion, loops & all types of synthesizers come together in his excursions for your ears.



April 14th 2018 The Tangent Project and Andrew Slendorio


May 12th 2018 Chuck van Zyl


June 16th Neil Alexander & Robert Dorchel



Past Events:

November 11th - Laura Woodswalker, Datadrift and Sage Palmer

Laura started her musical career as a bluegrass banjo player and later played bass with a Grateful Dead band. In 2004 she got her start in digital production by recording crickets and cicadas, then multi-tracking the samples into compositions. She didn't know synthesizers or even what MIDI was. Now, over 10 years and 100 pieces of gear later, she still doesn't really know anything! She just like to compose melodic and spacey music, using synthesizers, field samples, counterpoint, spacey sounds, lots of filters and ping-pong delay...all to express her fascination with nature, science, other dimensions and things that go flash in the night.




Datadrift is the electronic music project of Guinevere Molly Campbell. Creating soundscapes since 1996, she uses an east-coast, hardware-focused approach, based on her love for the keyboard interface as well as the corralling of machines with unique interfaces and timbres to communicate with one another and find dialog or harmony. Her principal approach is texture-driven, creating synthesizer patches that resonate with a mood or idea, then working with that sonic palette to create a soundscape that combines improvisation with sequenced aspects. While predominantly instrumental and ambient, her work includes some forays into indie/experimental pop-driven song structures, including vocals. Her influences include Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, The Legendary Pink Dots, David Sylvian, Kate Bush, Aphex Twin, and atmospheric songs and passages in 60s-80s pop, cold and new wave, and post-punk music.




Multi-instrumentalist Sage Palmer can't easily list the many diverse influences that have shaped her musical direction, and her music is equally as difficult to pin down to one genre. As a member of her father's band – the electronic music trio PYXL8R – she has learned a great deal about composition, live performance, and improvisation. While she primarily plays synthesizers and heavily-processed acoustic instruments, she continues to acquire new toys to expand her musical palette. Sage is currently studying to be an art teacher. She also serves as President of TCNJ Taiko, a Japanese drum ensemble, where she has been able to steer her lifetime love of rhythm and dance in a new direction. While she has been collaborating with other musicians and writing songs for most of her life, her performance at Cosmic Crossings will be her first as a solo artist.

October 21st - Obliquity Of The Ecliptic and Juan Garces

OotE.pngObliquity Of The Ecliptic is a free improvisational, ambient space duo who create swelling and spacey cinematic drone music.  Spacious analog pad synths, ethereal vocal loops, ebow guitar and minimal beats fill the space to create a meditative and magical experience where occasional chaotic walls of sounds will ensue. Every show is special as no two performances are ever the same.  Live shows also consist of gorgeous  and hypnotic outer space visual projections, smoke and mind bending music.







Juan Garces is an experimental and improvisational musician and electronics and synthesizer enthusiast who utilizes vintage and JG.pngcontemporary electronics to create his music. He continually seeks ways to incorporate electronic sounds, textures, and beats to take the listener on an imaginative journey. He uses synthesizers, sequencers, live looping, and a laptop computer to create his unique electronic music experience. He has been playing electronic experimental music since the late 70’s. Juan is a founder and constant in the improvisational music project The Melting Transistor, and has played solo and group performances at various venues, including Northeast Electro Music in New York State, andin Asheville, NC, Rowan University, Event Horizons in Philadelphia, and on live radio broadcasts on Music With Space (WPRB 103.3 FM) and Digital Dreams (WLFR 91.7FM.) He has also had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Brad Garton, head of the Columbia University Computer Music Center, in New York City. In recent years, Juan helped organize the first Trenton Area Electronic Arts Festival as well as the New Jersey Electronic Arts Festival, both at the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, NJ, performing with PaxElectronic Collective/Area 25 at both events. In addition, Juan performed at John & Peters in New Hope, PA, both as a solo act and with experimental project Sonic Alchemy, as well as played world music at Borders Books project with Ted Klett (PaxElectronic Collective/Area 25). He continues to collaborate with other musicians on experimental music projects.

September 2nd - Guitar Pilots - Mario-Enrique Paoli (w/ special guest Karl Fury) - Visuals by Jim Tuite

@ Unitartian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

Guitar Pilots is the new spacemusic duo featuring guitarists Art Cohen and Scott Watkins. Their music features lengthy structured improvisational pieces which transport the listener to the depths of space, all the while focusing on each precious unfolding moment. Cohen's sequencer-like echoing guitar figures provide rhythmic propulsion, while Watkins' breathing chords and sub-octave rumblings build a foundation for both musicians to rise in melodic flights. Singing glissando blends seamlessly with plucks, twangs and blasts of an interstellar beam. Following the trail blazed by Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, and the Berlin School, Guitar Pilots carve out their own unique sonic territory that is both organic as the ground underneath and as far-reaching as a distant pulsar* copied from Stars End.



Mario-Enrique Paoli

Mario-Enrique Paoli worked in theater and studied guitar and music theory from an early age. At 7 years old he becomes a member of Children’s Theater of Puerto RicoCo., and also works with other theater companies. In his teens he starts working ‘behind the scenes’ in tech and production assistance.During his high school years Paoli apprenticed and assisted set and special effects designer Julio Biaggi, and music/sound studio owner, producer, designer, engineer, Felix H. Rivera, at Studio-H. Studied music theory and harmony with Dr. Neli Justicia, classic guitar with Juan Sorroche, and improvisation with Robert DeVore. Later in the late 70’s and 80’s electronic music with Robert Ceeyly at BEEP (Boston Electronic Experimental Project) and electro-acoustic arranging and composition with Albert Mayr (Music of Times and Tides).

In 1977 he moves to Boston to continue his musical studies in arranging and composition, film scoring and guitar at Berklee College of Music. In 1981 he was invited to join Mobius Theater Inc. under the direction of Marilyn Arsem (later named Mobius Performing Group, now Mobius Artist Group). He worked with the company until 1990. While at Mobius he produced, designed and directed 7 original experimental music-theater works and collaborated and co-produced dozens of works with the company and with national and international performance artists.

In the Boston years he also worked with Court Repertory Theater, MIT Drama Shop, Nucleo Eclectico Theater, Red Alert and Mea Culpa Group. Worked on traditional theater and opera (fully staged) with Westchester Opera. ,Henry Street Opera., Teatro de la Opera, Pheonix Players. and Bohio Puertoriqueno. He has assisted directors, David Wheeler (ART), Gray Catell Johnson (CRT), Franco Gratale (WOC), Marco Zarattini (Nucleo Ecclectico), David Zoffoli (CRT), Nancy De Graffran (Pheonix Players), Gene Frankel (GFT), among others.

At Boston Film Video Foundation Inc. (BFVF) he worked as associate producer, editor and workshop instructor from 1980-1990. In 1982 the collective Subterranean Video (S.vid) was founded, dedicated to experimental television, video/sound art and performance. S.vid has exhibited their work in television, galleries and festivals, nationally and internationally. S.vid often worked for and assisted Nam-June Paik in setting gallery installations and retrospectives in his shows in the New England area.

In the mid 80’s, he produced and directed the dance-film ‘Roofdance’, funded by a grant from Massachusetts Council for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts. Roofdance won an Outstanding Award at the New England Film and Video Festival (1988) and in 1989 broadcast at The New England Television Festival (ABC network), among others. During those years he was also a New England Foundation for the Arts Fellowship finalist.

In his music/sound work he is mostly interested in sound design and live performance, solo guitar, experimental and extended techniques, electronic synthesis and ambient electronica. Some work are site specific and involve design/staging/props and image projections.

Paoli moved to NYC in 1990 and worked at Film/Video Arts Inc. as associate producer, editor and workshop instructor from 1991 to 2007. From 2005 to 2007 he was FV/A’s last executive director. He has taught video production and post-production workshops at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Downtown Community Television (DCTV), HITN TV, Videoteca del Sur and Columbia University.

In Spring 2002 he joined the faculty of the Graduate School of Media Studies at The New School University (NYC), where he is still teaching.


He continues to work in creative film/video/audio design, as a post-supervisor, editor, sound designer, producer/engineer of music recordings and as a sound-image consultant. He regularly performs his music and sound work, and shows his and others experimental television work.

June 17th The Melting Transistor

@ Unitartian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

The Melting Transistor are a trio of musical improvisers that incorporate numerous musical and electronic devices to produce continually evolving soundscapes that travel through many sonic realms. The group consists of Juan Garces and Floyd Bledsoe on synthesizers and keyboards and Karl Fury on stringed instruments and synthesizers. All three have incorporated diverse electronics and laptop computers to expand their audio horizons. The band's music contains various elements including calming ambient textures, deep bass grooves, spacey synth sections, diverse guitar stylings, solid percussion loops and an overall unified harmony of differing elements to produce a unique listening experience. The band has performed live on WPRB Princeton's Music With Space radio show, The Event Horizon series at the Rotunda in Philadelphia, at The Electro-Muse Festival in Huguenott, NY, WLFR Stockton University's Digital Dreams radio show and at the Picnic for Universal Peace in Plainsboro, NJ. Juan Garces is an experimental and improvisational musician and electronics and synthesizer enthusiast who utlilizes vintage and contemporary electronics to create his music. He continually seeks ways to incorporate electronic sounds, textures, and beats to take the listener on an imaginative auditory journey. He uses synthesizers, sequencers, live looping, and a laptop computer to create his audio magic. He has played live solo and band shows on WPRB Princeton radio, Borders Books, John & Peter’s in New Hope, PA, as well as the Trenton Area Electronics Arts Festival and the New Jersey Electronic Arts Festival, both at The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. He was also involved in the planning and setup of the Trenton Area Electronic Arts Festival, and the planning and setup of The New Jersey Electronic Arts Festival for 3 consecutive years. He continues to pursue his solo playing, and experimenting with new technologies with like-minded audio scientists. Floyd Bledsoe is an electronic musician from Trenton, New Jersey. A completely selftaught artist, Floyd started his musical journey as a bass guitar player and played with several punk/alternative bands in the late 80s/early 90s. Having developed an interest for electronic music at a young age, he bought his first synthesizer in 1984 and from then on was addicted to creating unusual sounds. Starting around the year 2000, he served as the manager of the artist directory, record reviews section and moderator for the Progressive Ears music forum/website and has a vast knowledge of obscure progressive rock and avant-garde music. In 2012, he and Juan Garces began a collaboration that would eventually become The Melting Transistor. Karl Fury is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Pennington, New Jersey. His musical background ranges from rock and blues to jazz-rock, world music, ambient, acoustic and free improvisation. He has performed at numerous venues including the Trenton Avant Garde Festival, Artworks and The Mill Hill Theatre in Trenton, NJ, Columbia University and Princeton University and live radio broadcasts from WPRB, WTSR and WDVR. He performed and recorded for several years in the world music duo Near East. In addition to performing and recording with the Melting Transistor Karl also pursues a solo performing and recording career. Recordings and videos from The Melting Transistor can be found on bandcamp, soundcloud and youtube or go to their official website.

May 27th - Ombient (with special guest Chuck van Zyl) and Karl Fury

@ Unitartian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

Ombient is the moniker under which Mike Hunter performs his ambient/drone/experimental music.His ambient/drone/electronic music, being of a live and improvisational nature, is representative of the feeling of the moment in which it is performed and of the subtle feedback between the audience and the performer. Ombient users various vintage and contemporary analog synthesizers, a large Modular, and occasionally computers running Ableton Live with various synth plug-in's. Most of the older music of Ombient features 6 string guitar and/or 12 string Warr Touch Guitar which is processed and layered using digital looping equipment. Mike is also the host of the radio show Music With Space on WPRB 103.3 FM out of Princeton, NJ

Mike will be joined by multi-instrumentalist, Chuck van Zyl, who isest known as host of Stars End (WXPN's renowned radio program of spacemusic dreamscapes) and as coordinator of The Gatherings (Philadelphia's premiere concert series of innovative music), Chuck van Zyl has also been making his own unique style of electronic music since 1983. Over the course of his musical existence Chuck van Zyl has developed a signature exploratory style. By blending the primitive machine beauty of classics like "Ricochet" with the highly formed values of more recent groups such as Redshift and Arc, his solo studio works are the result of a persistent creativity.

Karl Fury is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from central New Jersey. His musical background ranges from rock and blues to jazz-rock, world music, ambient, electronic

and free improvisation. He has performed at numerous venues including the Trenton Avant Garde Festival, Artworks and The Mill Hill Theatre in Trenton, NJ, Columbia University and Princeton University and live radio broadcasts from WPRB, WTSR , WDVR and WLFR. He performed and recorded for several years in the world music duo Near East. He continues to collaborate and record with Dr. Brad Garton, head of the Columbia University Computer Music Center in New York City and The Melting Transistor, an improvisational electronic music trio that includes Juan Garces and Floyd Bledsoe. The Melting Transistor have performed at several Electro-Music festivals in New York state, the Event Horizon concert series in Philadelphia, and on WPRB's Music With Space and WLFR's Digital Dreams. Karl also continues to record and perform solo instrumental music.

April 15th - The Time Merchant & George Wallace

@ Unitartian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

The Time Merchant - With over 50 albums, the ever prolific Time Merchant is on a constant quest to explore sound. The first album appeared in 1994. Little else is known as The Time Merchant tends to keep out of the public eye, preferring instead to hide away in the recording studio (the wave chamber), working methodically to create the next sound world. Works have explored several genres, including: experimental, dark ambient, atmospheric. pure electronic, and various combinations.

George Wallace has redefined the meaning of career musician. His decades-long career has included the release of no fewer

than thirteen full-length albums, in addition to holding a staff-writer position with Screen Gems and a label affiliation with CBS/Epic Records. He has also produced several planetarium show soundtracks and a critically acclaimed three-album set of exercise music for children, and enjoyed a long history of live performance and airplay on numerous spacemusic radio programs.

Although rumored by some to be from another planet (there is no actual proof of this), George was born-and-raised in Philadelphia in the ‘50’s and 60’s – just in time for the British invasion and the emergence of the Motown phenomenon - both of which, along with the ingenious production and vocal arrangements of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, provided much early inspiration for his emerging talents as songwriter and producer.

In 1984, George formed and christened his own new studio and production company, AirBorn Music, which has been up-and-running ever since. With the emerging power of the Internet he was soon to discover new marketing possibilities, enabling him to promote and distribute his own catalog and eventually to set up the AirBorn website. Out of these developments emerged his three early landmark works Sacred Earth (1985), Communion (1988), and Frontiers (1993).

George has more recently produced Soul Ascending (2013) and Light Music (2015), both featuring his trademark styles of ambient, tribal, contemplative and spacemusic. He continues to be a featured artist on many radio and internet radio programs – both local and nationally syndicated.

George currently lives with his wife-and-best-friend in Lancaster, PA, with lots of farm country nearby. In his in-home studio he has built a portfolio of compositions produced for film and television and has recently released a new live double-CD album, 'Live From Planet Earth'.

When he does manage to break away from his musical universe, Jordy enjoys travel, camping, cycling, photography, inventing new recipes, and astronomy. Astronomy is of particular interest because he is, as ever, on a quest to find out which planet he might actually be from…perhaps the rumors are true after all.

March 25th - Kip Rosser and Twyndyllyngs

@ Unitartian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

Twyndyllyngs are an electronic music chamber ensemble using high tech devices to make Spacemusic that is suitable for everything from planetarium presentations to deep

inner thought explorations. This duo consists of Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox who have international reputations, having performed across North America and Europe, including at electro-music festivals, Ricochet Gatherings, and Different Skies. The band has played at the Allentown Art Museum and planetariums. Twyndyllyngs may be heard on the weekly internet broadcast, Chez Mosc, on electro-music Radio 1.


Quote: "Twyndyllyngs is an electronic music duo made up of Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz. Both are from the Allentown area of Pennsylvania and a big part of the Electro-Music online community. While each is a performer in a diversity of musical groups, their music together as Twyndyllyngs is quite distinctive. After years of playing together, Moscovitz and Fox have developed the ability to realize novel timbral based works in the live concert setting through a highly improvisational and intuitive process. Each performance is unique, with the arising pieces the result of a deep sonic exploration between the two."

Chuck van Zyl - Host of Stars End -

Friday, November 18th, 2016 (8pm) - Centrozoon and Nocturne Blue

The event will be held at Dorothea Dix Unitarian Universalist Community Church at 39 Park St, Bordentown, NJ 08505

centrozoon (sometimes incorrectly capitalized as Centrozoon) is a German electronic improvisational music group. The core members are Markus Reuter (Warr touch guitar, loops, programming) and Bernhard Wöstheinrich (synthesizers, electronic percussion, programming). The group's music is flexible and has altered from album to album, but frequently-used elements include ambient music, improvisation, electronica, progressive rock and IDM (intelligent dance music).
The group has also collaborated with King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, engineer Bill Munyon and a variety of remixers.

centrozoon works with free-improvisational, free-tonal, microtonal soundscapes. Within the rich and dense layers of their music there are subtle rhythmic and tonal shifts taking place, detuning and retuning with each other to produce a colourful spectrum of musical themes. Bernhard Wöstheinrich (electronics) and Markus Reuter (touch guitar) have been working together since 1995, exploring electro-acoustic music by melting their sonic palettes. Their first release Blast stands as a work exposing just one of the many musical facets of centrozoon: a warm, passionate music suffused with a pulsating inner light.

Nocturne Blue: Dutch Rall is a producer, director, cinematographer, editor and musician. He is a 3-time Emmy-winner whose work for PBS has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Dutch has traveled the world as the visual and musical director of a project for filmmaker David Lynch, has lectured for the National Press Photographers Association and was the winner of the World's Smallest Film Festival, the very first competition for video on mobile devices. Dutch has created official music videos for the Duran Duran art project TV Mania, shot Olympic televison campaigns for Visa, and has produced experimental performance dance films such as 'Fifth Wall', with Guggenheim Fellow Omar Carrum. His work has been seen at numerous festivals including Cannes and SXSW and has been broadcast across the EU and US.


At the moment, he is conjuring bewildering sounds from his guitar in collaboration with a few of his childhood idols and childhood friends for a new audio/visual project focusing on movement and perception (what some might term a "band") called NOCTURNE BLUE.

Sunday, November 13th, 2016 (8pm) - Chuck van Zyl and PYXL8R (UUCWC)

The event will be held at Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing Church at 268 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd, Titusville, NJ 08560

Philadelphia area Space musician Chuck van Zyl, best known as host of STAR'S END (WXPN's renowned radio program of spacemusic dreamscapes) and as coordinator of The Gatherings (Philadelphia's premiere concert series of innovative music), Chuck van Zyl has also been making his own unique style of electronic music since 1983.

Over the course of his musical existence Chuck van Zyl has developed a signature exploratory style. By blending the primitive machine beauty of classics like "Ricochet" (1975) by Tangerine Dream with the highly formed values of more recent groups such as Redshift and Arc, his solo studio works are the result of a persistent creativity.

With a solid melodic invention, atmospheric modulations and heroic shifts in tonality, van Zyl masterfully realizes the fascinating patterns, riffs and pulses that dominate his live concerts. As the music forms, climbs and sustains, listeners are pulled into a highly distinctive mindscape. Tone patterns weave and collide as go-for-broke keyboard lead lines dance high above - all the while blissed-out synthetic strings and Mellotron choirs draw long lines across a cool digital plane.

Chuck van Zyl is completely at home in this endlessly inventive genre, offering ample muscle for the adventurous, archaic modulations for the experimentalist and dreamy floating space for the cloudwalker.

PYXL8R is the ongoing solo project of Brainstatik keyboardist Ken Palmer. Atmospheric, otherworldly, and always dense with unusual sonic textures, PYXL8R's long-form synthesizer compositions are always performed completely live, with no backing tracks. To help achieve all of this on stage, Ken has enlisted the help of his son Kyle on synths and iPad, and his daughter Sage on synths, theremin and violin. His wife Ruth controls the lighting and video projections that accompany each piece of music, so this truly has become a family venture. They even joke about billing themselves as an ambient electronic Partridge Family for the 21st century!

Along with some older favorites, PYXL8R will debut a few brand-new compositions during their Cosmic Crossings performance. A collection of more than fifty PYXL8R songs can be listened to and downloaded for free on Soundcloud.

Saturday, October 22th, 2016 (8pm) - Kip Rosser and Electric Diamond

The event was held at Dorothea Dix Unitarian Universalist Community Church at 39 Park St, Bordentown, NJ 08505

Kip Rosser:For twenty years, Kip Rosser’s solo performances, staged productions, award-winning compositions and industry recognition have earned him a reputation as one of the most accomplished thereminists in the country. Rosser typically moves beyond a standard recital format, making for a unique event that combines music (ranging from classical to jazz to popular) with stories and performance art, continually pushing the boundaries of what the theremin can play and do. His programs for special events are tailored specifically to suit occasion and client musical preferences. In an academic setting, the programs are always age appropriate and the presentation specific to the class subject. Back in 1996, after a twenty-one year hiatus from serious musical study, Rosser crossed paths with the grandfather of all electronic instruments; he purchased a kit and built his first theremin. Previously, Kip graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in Acting/Directing and was then the sole candidate accepted in the graduate Directing program at Northwestern University. After receiving the MFA, he moved to New York City where he directed plays, worked as a playwright, as well as working as a graphic artist and copywriter.


Electric Diamond: Humanity has always been fascinated by the diamond: shimmering, multi-faceted and mesmerizing. That same description is more than apt when attempting to convey the impact of a performance by Electric Diamond. “Dispersion” is the term used to characterize a diamond’s colored light. The rainbow that should jump from a diamond is known as its “fire.” Although the official measurement of the fire can only be done by machine, the human eye can actually see and measure it. As for the fire jumping from Electric Diamond, 20th Century Music Magazine wrote: “a step beyond... A window into the future of music.” And Variety called it, “a wonderful trip into the asteroids...a fully symphonic piece of intense dignity and feeling.” At the heart of Electric Diamond’s fire are two extraordinary musicians, Don Slepian and Stuart Diamond. Their story spans forty years of composing, collaboration and performing together. Stuart Diamond is producer, composer, musician, writer, director, video artist, and journalist. He is also a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and Trustee for The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. His instrument? The EWI – short for Electronic Wind Instrument. The EWI is essentially a synthesizer that’s played like a woodwind, requiring expert embouchure and breath control. In Diamond’s hands, the EWI can imitate any traditional woodwind as well as “go stratospheric,” creating both raw and deeply ethereal sonic textures and “voices.”

Keyboard virtuoso, Don Slepian, has created his own descriptive mantra: “high technology, human touch.” During his career at Bell laboratories, he spent two years working with their most advanced digital synthesizer. A true pioneer in electronic music, he was a Synthesizer Soloist with the Honolulu Symphony. In addition to being presented by WNYC's “New Sounds” show in New York's Lincoln Center, he was selected by the French Ministry of Culture for a residency at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

Together, Diamond and Slepian craft a seamless music experience that move “beyond sounds we explore. The actual sounds of our music are the outer coverings of deeper expressions, of the feelings, emotions...the sounds we explore are our vehicles to share what we discover with our audiences.”


Friday, September 16th, 2016 (8pm) - Modulator ESP, dRachEmUsiK and Onewayness (UUCWC)

The event was held at Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing Church at 268 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd, Titusville, NJ 08560

Modulator ESP (aka Jez Creek) produces improvised experimental soundscapes using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between '70s space music, noise, and dark ambient drone. He produces a fortnightly show at called Adventures In Sound. Jez is also a member of Astrogator, Cerberus and Quadra.






dRachEmUsiK is the solo project of award-winning musician, sound designer and producer Charles Shriner. dRachEmUsiK combines a plethora of nuanced techniques in order to create groovy and meditative soundscapes; giving structure to improvisation. This style manifests itself into an organic and natural composition of a free-flowing design, resulting in improvisations and structured pieces ranging from ambient to glitch-groove. Charles Shriner has been a full-time musician for over 40 years. During that time he has worked as an arranger, session player and instrumentalist, touring with numerous international performers, and has played on over 50 independent and major label recordings. He has been a guiding force in many projects, including The Genes, Mr. Presto, dRachEmUsiK and Faux Pas Quartet. Over time, he has produced artists in diverse genres including jazz, techno-industrial, classical, country, hip hop, and everything in-between. As a composer and sound designer, he has created the music and sound design for AMA award-winning world-class museum installations, art installations and planetarium shows, in addition to work for video games, film, video, dance troupes, and theater. Additionally, Charles is owner of MCSD Studio and NetLabel, and has created a series of workshops on free-form improvisation which incorporate his training and facilitation skills in Jungian based experiential emotional work.


Onewayness is Adam Holquist, a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses guitars, pianos, analog and digital synthesis, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of hardware and software tools to create atmospheric and textural music which draws influence from a variety of sources. These may include: ambient, drone, minimalism, post-rock, and vintage and contemporary electronic “listening music."








The Cosmic Crossing Concert Series is created, hosted and curated by Nick Mellis. You can contact Nick at nick (at) cosmiccrossing (dot) org for information about attendance and for consideration of artists who might want to perform as a part of the series.

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